The TerraBridge Partners team has 15 years experience working in technology internationalization. We have a proven track record of success working in both the private and public sectors. We have worked with over 25 National Trade and Investment Agencies, several IT Ministries, the world's leading Think Tanks, major Fortune 500 Corporations, and high growth tech firms.

Put simply, we create international trade connections that result in more revenue for our clients and partners by assisting foreign technology firms find clients in foriegn markets with a focus on Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Diverse and


We serve a wide range of clientele from many nations. All our staff is multi-lingual, and every client relationship is valued greatly from each country.

These are our ethical values and mission statement.

Experience You Can Trust, with a reputation for success and innovation 

Deep Cultural Knowledge


Our firm's Partners have lived and worked on all continents with the exception of Antartica! We have the deep knowledge and cultural connections and understanding to insure results and increase speed to market.

TerraBridge Partners 


INternationalization Consultancy Experts

Internationalize your technology firm and find new clients, partners and new market opportunities!